Books & Cats ep. 1 : Ambitious or Mad?

Happy December everyone! Hope you’re having a super-duper awesome day. ūüėÄ

I’m bored and have no social life so I’m making this post. My demonic cats plus my demonic December TBR. Yep, there is total of 14 cats and 7 books. Seven freaking books that aren’t to-read-in-just-24-hours contemporaries. Again, ambitious or just simply mad? It’s not that I can’t do it, I’ve read more books in just one month before, it’s just every book on this TBR¬†is fantasy which ¬†lately I’m having difficulties¬†getting¬†into. Not to mention December is a month of crying because of school. Crying takes up a lot of time.

Oh, and yeah, that’s a lot of cats, too.

Posting this is meant to give me a kick for finishing this TBR – if I don’t finish all the books from here I’ll basically just embarrass myself and since I get enough of that, I have no intention of failing. It is also meant for you to see my terrible photography skills and my photogenic cats.

dsc_0042pod Slated by Teri Terry & Toothless

Slated is one of those books on my shelf that mark awesome slash important slash happy days – it was bought on the day I got rid of the lovely Ljubljana nurses and their succesful attempts of making my teeth look bootyful.¬†Sarcasm overload. It was also a father-daughter day and since I’m daddy’s little girl of course he let me buy this one. It was actually quite fun watching him how he patiently waited for me to finally pick one book after being in that bookstore for¬†half an hour. Luv him. Anyways, I’m in a mood for mysteriousness and also,¬†hellooo, look how pretty the cover is! (Although my classmate did think it was a boy,but still) I’m currently reading it and I’m enjoying it so far,¬†surprisingly. I’m half way through¬†and¬†I’m already planning on continuing the series.

dsc_0185pod¬†Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo & Gumbek, Knofek and FranńćiŇ°ka

I knoooooooooow, I haven’t finished CK yet. *insert¬†Game of Thrones walk of shame gif here* I did start it the very same week it came out I was just not in the mood for feelings and I put it down. I am 47% done with it as my Goodreads says if that somehow helps my shame.






dsc_0208pod¬†The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater & FranńćiŇ°ka

I’ve been having problems with being spoiled for some of my favourite series so I NEED to finish this one. Well, I’ve been needing to finish this series for six months because that’s how long it’s taken¬†me to finally get to The Dream Thieves. Again, please insert the GoT¬†gif here. It’s not that it’s horrible or I don’t like it – I actually LOVE the series so far – it’s just all going a bit slow for me. Shame no more, I’ve read some chapters this week when I found some free time and I realised¬†how much I miss Ronan. Ronan is my spirit animal and the biggest reason why I’m so determined to finish this book this year. Also, OH MY LORD WE GET A RONAN CENTERED TRILOGY!!! (saying this and still not finished with The Raven Cycle)

dsc_0097pood¬†Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone & Tomislav and Ris

I still have not read HP.¬†Don’t worry, I got you covered:


dsc_0138pod A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness & Knofek

I’ve heard many great reviews that include saying it’s cry worthy so why not read it in December which is already a month of¬†crying (read above). Also, it’s short so this whole situation doesn’t seem that mad afterall.







dsc_0084pod This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab & Sherlock

I want this one to be my first Schwab book just because the description sounds hella awesome. I also heard there’s no romance and I currently desperately need these books to take a break.







dsc_0063pod¬†And I Darken by Kiersten White & FranńćiŇ°ka

Dude, just the cover itself makes me want to pick it up right now. The words ‘ruthless’ and ‘brutal’ in the desccription are just the cherry on top. Also, Emily May really likes this book and that woman is a goddess so of course I need to read it too.







More kitties because why not:







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