BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling


Series: Harry Potter #1

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Children’s

Length: 223 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publication Date: June 30th 1997

Personal Rating: 3/5 stars

Lahko to knjigo najdem v slovenščini? Am, DUUUH. Sej sploh ne vem, če mi je treba prevod naslova napisat. Za vsak slučaj; Harry Potter in kamen modrosti


This won’t be a typical review I’ve grown comfortable to write as. This is just going to be an explanation of why I’m such a horrible person and didn’t give it a whole 5 stars. Just hear me out.

I missed the train. No, not the Hogwarts Express (still didn’t get my letter so missing it isn’t even an opportunity *cries*). What I mean is that I just didn’t grew up with this series, these books weren’t my entire childhood. I tried reading them, but dumb little Nuša didn’t knew they were suppose to be in order so I went straight to the Half-Blood Prince. That caused a lot of confusion so I dropped it. Yes, I picked it up again, many times, but again, little Nuša liked to dnf books FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON. So I never read any Harry Potter book as a whole. This is my first.

Yes, shock!

Mind you, I’ve watched all of the films, even went to the cinema for the last one (the Battle of Hogwarts scene – dude, it gives me shivers now even thinking about it), rewatched them far too many times and are basically my favorite movies out there. And I’m pretty active on Tumblr and follow a lot of fandom pages on Facebook so I’m informed about Harry Potter as if I would’ve already read all of the books. I even made a presentation based on Harry Potter for my English class and my teacher loved it as a story (I still got a B because ‘the story would’ve been a lot better if I talked slower‘. I still haven’t forgiven you for this, Kramar). So I never felt the need to read them. Not until I got involved in this book community, anyways. I felt (still do tbh) rather ashamed, admitting I haven’t read HP yet, because who hasn’t read HP yet??? So I made myself (and Maya, thanks gurl ;D) a promise to finish at least one Harry Potter book in 2016. So it has come to this. I have finally read a Harry Potter book. Are you proud because I know I am.

To explain why I feel like I missed the train: I would give this book 6 stars out of 5 back when I was younger if I would actually finish it. Let’s compare it to the The Famous Five situation – now, those were my entire childhood. My Harry Potter books, so to speak. Thinking back now they weren’t as good as I thought when I read them for the first time (or the second, or the third or the seventh time). Not saying they’re horrible now but you get what I’m saying (I hope). I wouldn’t mind these things back when I was younger:

I missed the details. I was so excited for this wizarding world so when I finally got to see it I was a little disappointed. I usually don’t care about descriptions of the surroundings in books, but again, this a wizarding world. I wanted more information – what were the classrooms (other than the potions one) like, what exactly did they do, ‘preparing’ for the real magic? Where did the other students from other houses live? Why did no one worry about Slytherins and what could become of them if there’d be another situation where they are expected/asked/forced to choose sides between good and bad, because we all know how that would end? Yes, sometimes too much information is a big no-no, but I still am interested in history of Hogwarts, like why do the stairways move and how did the ghosts die and how can ghosts even become ghosts, and I’m too lazy to pick another book about all of that information which I’m 99% sure it exists. Hell, I even wondered how do they wash their clothes if they have the same ones for an entire school year. Oh, and look, there’s Dumbledore, the most powerful wizard out there, and this power he has isn’t even a big deal, like, oh, yeah, I know Dumbledore, he’s a cool dude. Like, you’re literally living in a same castle, I’d be fangirling all over the place. I would’ve also liked to know exactly which questions they got in exams, like to see more detailed quidditch games and casual fighting with Voldemort.

With that getting out of the way I did enjoyed it, really. I understand the hype. I became one of those people who are pissed they haven’t gotten the Hogwarts letter yet. I loved the cast of characters, even though Ron was rude to Hermione most of the time and Harry was sometimes too brave for my likings. My personal favourites are of course Fred and George (*le cries again*), and Neville and Hagrid, for who I can both relate to. Severus Snape scenes made me sad, and that’s not because he’s literally a piece of poop 25/7, but because it reminded me of Alan Rickman. Rest in Peace. Seeing ‘young’ and weak Voldemort gave me the chills since I know what he becomes and what pain he causes in the next books, both for the readers/watchers and the characters, and Lily’s theme came in to my mind when he’s revealed under that turban (yuck). That was clever, if I hadn’t seen the movies first I would’ve never suspected Quirrell, so big thumbs up Rowling! All in all, it didn’t get 3 stars from me for nothing.

(this took some courage (I guess I am a Gryffindor after all) because I feel like I’m not worthy enough to write a review of Harry Potter)

And just because I can post whatever I wish to:


Bonus: since I’m in the mood for Harry Potter why not listen so some of the movies’ soundtracks:

(5:50 dude. 5:50 gets to me every time)

Please don’t hate me,



3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

  1. bookdragon1017 says:

    Great review! But all the questions you’re asking will be answered in the coming books! Just read them carefully but quickly! I think one of my favourite chapters is the prince’s tale so I’m gonna listen to the music to give me all the feels again! I hope I’m prepared for it(never am)!

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