BOOK REVIEW: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes


Series: Falling Kingdoms #1

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Length: 412 pages

Publisher: Razorbill

Publication Date: January 1st 2012

Personal Rating: 2/5 stars

Lahko to knjigo najdem v slovenščini? Ne




Goodreads Synopsis

AURANOS – Privileged Princess Cleo is forced to confront violence for the first time in her life when a shocking murder sets her kingdom on a path to collapse.

LIMEROS – The king’s son, Magnus, must plan each footstep with shrewd, sharp guile if he is to earn his powerful father’s trust, while his sister, Lucia, discovers a terrifying secret about her heritage that will change everything.

PAELSIA – Rebellious Jonas lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished—and finds himself the leader of a people’s revolution centuries in the making.

Witches, if found, are put to death, and Watchers, immortal beings who take the shape of hawks to visit the human world, have been almost entirely forgotten. A vicious power struggle quickly escalates to war, and these four young people collide against each other and the rise of elementia, the magic that can topple kingdoms and crown a ruler in the same day.

Spoilery Rant by Yours Truly

I have not yet read A Game of Thrones but the TV series is literally the only thing I haven’t given up on watching  and that automatically means it’s my favourite. So I have a clear picture of how freaking awesome GoT is.

Please do not compare this book to Game of Thrones. Please.

Everything that was not meant to be predictable was so predictable. Everything.

  • Theon’s death. Killing him off is the biggest reasons he was created, I feel like. His main purpose of the story.  Because why not make it a bit exciting? Bro, no. Just, no. Theon’s death also gives a opportuinty to Cleo to madly fall in love with one of the main characters – who’s willing to bet with me on that one?
  • King Corvin and Emilia’s death. That’s obvious. Cleo is the one who is weak, the one who thinks about rainbows and unicorns, the one who is innocent. How to fix that? To push her with actions such as these. To give her a reason to finally do something about her stupidness. How could she do that if she would still be under the protection of her dear father and surrounded by her dear sister’s love. They were just in her way to ‘become great’. I know I’m harsh because that happens a lot in other books but I’m grumpy today, leave me be.
  • Chief Basilius’s death and king Gaius’s rise to the throne. Seriously, who did not expect that?
  • Jonas’s realisation about whose side is best to be on. (finally)

The thing with Game of Thrones is you shouldn’t get attached to characters because they are going to die sooner or later. You expect them to die. As I expected Falling Kingdoms’ ones to die. But the difference is Martin or the screen writers (since, again, I have not yet read the book) are not afraid to kill the main characters in Game of Thrones. Rhodes on the other side creates side characters so she can kill them off afterwards and get away with it. She is not alone and I really can’t blame her that much, but again, grumpy Nuša. And if we’re at the comparison already – Falling Kingdoms is YA. So don’t you ‘Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones’ me.

So many eye rolls when it comes to characters themselves. I like reading from many points of view and one would expect Falling Kingdom would be fun with so many of them. I literally didn’t care about anyone.

Jonas has some anger issues to take care of. At first I was like ‘oh, look, a rebel amongst royals, how cool is that, I bet his part to the story will be interesting.’ But as I slowly got to know him that opinion changed. I was too lazy and fed up with this whole book to try and understand his rage. Which it is, in some way, understandable, because he cared about his land and its people. But again, I just didn’t care. I was also prepared to going to sigh in frustration ’cause I was 99% sure Cleo and him would fall in love. Thank God that did not happen but there’s, what, 6 books in the series, who knows what might happen?  But in truth if I were forced to compare him to others, I’d say he’s the most likeable. At least that.

Zuko aka Magnus is father’s little boy without the father part. He felt sorry for himself for most of the book and when he couldn’t get what he wanted, he started killing people. Jealous. First of all, sorry, but ew on the ‘in love with his sister’ part. I will accept anything when it comes to sexual orientation and everything that is in that category, but love between siblings is an unknown and questionable field for me. Yeah, yeah, she’s not really her sister, bu he didn’t know that. So, ew.

Cleo’s got the most eye rolls. I’m trying so hard not to write she’s dumb, but sorry, she’s dumb. As I said before, she’s a weak character. I’m sure  she’ll work on that in the next books but I don’t know if I have the drive to get to know that. She did do something about that towards the end but I was so used to roll my eyes when it came to her I didn’t even notice it.

I have mixed opinions about Lucia. I feel like I won’t like her if I actually do continue with the series. But as for now my thoughts on her are neutral. She was just … there.

It was fast paced, so thumbs up. But the writing was sometimes just … weak. The dialogue between characters cracked me up. I lost count of how many times person number one said ‘surrender!!’ and then person number two said ‘never!!’. Lol. Can also someone come up with something new than element magic? I usually don’t care about maps but I feel like there’s not enough rant. The map in Falling Kingdoms is, well, boring.

I frankly don’t even know why I gave it such a high rating. New year, new me sort of thing, maybe? I did expect to love this one, I really did. I’m disappointed at how disappointed I am.

I’m sorry if this one is one of your favorite books out there, this is just my opinion, please respect it as I respect yours.

To sum up:


Ah, yes. There’s no better way than to start a new year with a good ol’ rant. Happy New Year, peeps!

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

  1. Angie says:

    Wow, did you start 2017 with this book too? Because I did.🙋

    And I totally agree with Cleo. Lost count on how many eye rolls I reflexively did in honor of her, lol. Great rant.👍

    Liked by 1 person

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