SPOILER-FREE BOOK REVIEW: The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon

29008738.jpgSeries: Standalone

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Length: 352 pages

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: May 11th 2016

Personal Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Lahko to knjigo najdem v slovenščini? Ne




Goodreads Synopsis

The day my mother was killed, she told my father I wouldn’t speak again, and she told him if I died, he would die too. Then she predicted the king would trade his soul and lose his son to the sky.

My father has a claim to the throne, and he is waiting in the shadows for all of my mother’s words to come to pass. He wants desperately to be king, and I just want to be free.

But freedom will require escape, and I’m a prisoner of my mother’s curse and my father’s greed. I can’t speak or make a sound, and I can’t wield a sword or beguile a king. In a land purged of enchantment, love might be the only magic left, and who could ever love . . . a bird?

Non-Spoilery Review by Yours Truly

Swallow Daughter, pull them in, those words that sit upon your lips. Lock them deep inside your soul, hide them ’til they’ve time to grow. Close your mouth upon the power, curse not, cure not, ’til the hour. You won’t speak and you won’t tell, you won’t call on heav’n or hell. You will learn and you will thrive. Silence, daughter. Stay alive.

Reading this was not planned. I was meant to read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard because KING’S CAGE COMES OUT IN LESS THEN A MONTH *freaking out*. But as much as I wanted to re-read RQ  & GS, I’m not even surprised I let go of RQ and randomly picked this one up. Truly am not.

Well, not randomly. I like to stalk people who do fanart. A lot. It’s an issue of mine tbh. PhantomRin is one of my favorite. So while scrolling down her Tumblr page I came across this beautiful fanart. I dunno if I’m just having one of those periods of my life where I’m obsessing over birds again (yes, again, that happened before) or what but of course I had to find the book and devour it immediately.

Sadly, this is yet again one of those situations where it’s my fault and not the book’s. At first I was all involved in the story, eager of what’s to come next. And then, literally something like 50 pages before finishing it, I stopped. Are you fluffing kidding me. The most exciting part and I stopped. Kill me, please. And that’s not the first time that that’s happened (it’s happening right now, with 4 books, some waiting for months to finally be finished, oops). I feel a reading slump coming up and I don’t like it. So all that ruined it for me and I literally had to make myself finish it and I hate making myself finish a book.

11660423d165379f654265672745053fThis is the biggest reason why I didn’t give it a higher rating, but not the only one. I wanted to slap Tiras sometimes. ‘It’s your duty to please me’ and such made me want to do it. Like Lark is a thing to have, to control, to do whatever you wanted do to with it. Please, no.

I have all the power, but you will destroy me.

But if we don’t include those things (which we do need to because if you’re someone like me, and you stand for women, you know pointing that out is important), I enjoyed the story. The amount of magic was just right and not confusing at all but it still added that effect to the story of you being just so into it, you wanted to know more and more about it, even if there was nothing more to know about. I suspected the betrayal but was still pleasantly surprised at how it all turned out at the end. Also, the whole concept of how to ‘stop’ Lark’s magic is very cool and unique.

You don’t need wings to fly.

[minor spoilers but not really because this is pretty predictable if you ask me] I was very suspicious at first because ohhhh, he’s the only who can hear her, how cuuuuute. Not. But then he’s not the only one? And the others who can hear her aren’t her other love interests? Wuuut? [k, you’re good] So that was new and I liked it. It wasn’t instalove aka bonus points from me. I kind of liked their relationship at the end, however I was fed up with how many times Tiras told her he loved her and then he constantly used her at the beginning. Not cool, dude. Not cool.

In a land purged of enchantment, love might be the only magic left.

In conclusion, if you want something light to read and something you can use your feminist opinions on, I recommend you The Bird and the Sword.




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