MOVIE REVIEW: Beauty and the Beast

movie_poster_beautybeast2017_95e8117fRelease Date: 16th March 2017 (Slovenia), 17th March 2017 (USA)

Director: Bill Condon

Producer(s): David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman

Screenplay: Stephen Chbosky, Evan Spiliotopoulos

Cast: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans  …

Slovenski prevod: Lepotica in zver

Personal Rating: 5/5 stars



Brief Synopsis

An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.

Spoilery Review by Yours Truly

(please listen to this song while reading this review. my fave)

*le cries*

My inner child is (still) fangirling.

I didn’t prepare myself for this movie. I didn’t want to spoil myself (which happens to me far too many times) so I watched the trailer only once, didn’t read/watch interviews, refused to see the posters and didn’t look up the director or the cast. I just knew that Watson and Stevens have the main roles and just the mention of those two made me want to watch the movie right away. Because duuuh, Hermione Granger and Matthew Crawley together in a Disney movie? I’M IN!

As I didn’t look into the movie too much, I was quite surprised but also happy to see Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts. And also, it’s a musical? Which makes sense but I was still surprised? And I actually liked it? Why am I still using question marks? Anyways, I’m not big on musical because I get bored pretty quickly but c’mon dude, it’s Beauty and the Beast, of course I loved it. I loved all the already known aswell as the new songs and I’m currently downloading every song I can from the soundtrack.

Even though my lack of information about this movie, I had the highest expectations one can have and did never doubt they’re gonna fluff it up – which is dangerous, especially if an adaptation is made from your 3rd favorite Disney animated movie.

Dude, my high expectations were soooo worth it.

According to IMDb’s trivia Hermione Granger and Belle are very similar characters, as they both love to read, have vast knowledge, both are female protagonists, and both are noble. I feel like the role of Belle (aswell as of Hermione) because of those reasons is (are) PERFECT for Emma Watson. I automatically love Watson in every movie she’s in so this was no different. I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard her sing because I literally didn’t know she sings and if this is really how she sounds like when doing it therefore I didn’t know if she’s the one who sings or if another person is doing it for her. But it is indeed her and I’m impressed, really. One more reason of why everyone should love Emma Watson.

My sister and I discussed Steven’s acting and how similar it is to the acting in Downton Abbey (of which I watched only 3 seasons and refuse to continue because I know what happens and I just can’t). The movements, making faces, the way he talks – it’s so interesting. The voice change is so freaking awesome and his big blue puppy eyes are so cute. Well, he’s cute as a whole character – impersonating Philippe with shaking his head, the way he eats his dinner, throwing a big-ass snowball at Belle etc. (Can you see the obsessive fangirling?) To sum up: Dan Stevens is the perfect Beast and they couldn’t have picked better. The only minor complain my sister and I had is that he has long hair when he transforms back to human (which btw the transformation looked like Fiona’s transformation in Shrek :’D), which also happened in the 1991’s version, true, and it makes sense since he was a furry beast for ages, but Stevens looks so much better with short hair. He’s still gorgeous, though. Still gorgeous.

The first time LeFou spoke, I was confused – he sounds so much like LaFou from the 1991 animation but the actor is too young to also voice the LaFou from that time and that what confused me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it – I actually love how similar their voices are and am quite proud at myself because I remembered Jesse Corti’s voice (1991’s LaFou) even though it’s been ages since I’ve watched the Disney animated movie. *mental high-five w/ myself* I’m also one of those annoying people who when any relatable moment happens I say ‘ME’. (Ask my sister, I’m sure I’m getting on her nerves by saying that 6 379 604 times every time we watch something together) LaFou got those ‘ME’ moments the most. I just luv him, k, bye. Also, I’m so happy he’s gay!

All in all, the whole cast and their acting gets A++

Beauty-Beast-2017-Movie-Posters (2).jpg

I’m usually not that into costumes but my Lord did Jacqueline Durran did a freaking good job! CGI is fluffin’ awesome too and the details on the ‘furniture’ aswell as the Beast are amazing and I can’t imagine how can people make such a wonderful creation. But I was disappointed at green screen and it kind of ruined the first few minutes of the film for me. But as the story moved on, I was just so invested in it, I forgot all about it and just went with the flow. Speaking of story moving on – the movie’s something over 2 hours long but for me it ended so quickly and I want moooore *cries like a baby*

*sobs* It was just so completely and utterly beautiful.

If I were to watch this film alone I would cry because even though I wasn’t born in the 90’s, I’m such a old-school at heart and BatB was one of my most watched Disney animations while growing up AND WATCHING THIS ONE JUST MADE ME RE-LIVE THOSE HAPPY MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. It gave me that annoying-but-also-pleasant-(mostly-pleasant)-butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling. Also, because of the Beast singing ‘Evermore’. My poor heart. But alas, I wasn’t alone, therefore I couldn’t cry because I have some dignity. (Not really, but I like to think so.)

Definitely my favorite movie of 2017 as for now.






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