i have a twitter & a bookstagram account (you can ignore this post if you want to lol)

because why not

(a random post by a bored child who should be studying biology at this very momet)

Tbh, I created a new twitter account just so I could finally start the diversity bingo and share my progress on it aswell as share my progress & thoughts on other books. Also, yes, I know, my username is fluffin’ awesome! ;D


I made a bookstagram account a while ago but I’m shit at it, the photographing part aswell as the posting part so I never cared to share it. But I follow a lot of others bookstagramers and I just love how they not only share their beautiful pictures but their life updates and such too. It’s really interesting and I’d love to try and do that someday too. Therefore I made myself a promise to be a bit more active, if not now then at least when summer is here when I’ll have lots of free time. We’ll see how this goes…




k, that’s all, bye,



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