April Wrap-Up & Favorites


Still don’t know how to write an introduction so let’s just get started.

What I Read This Month

Confess by Colleen Hoover; I read this one in anticipation for the TV series and it was just ‘meh’. Nothing will ever be better than It Ends With Us. 3/5 stars

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall; this one wa my first book to read for Diversity Bingo 2017 and I love it! 4.5/5 stars [review here]

Keeping the Distance by Clarisse David; I was in the mood for a contemporary, found this one, read it, didn’t like it & forgot about it. Seriously, I can’t remember what the story was and what was the reason for my rating. 2/5 stars 

You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner; my second pick for DB2017. I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. 3.75/5 stars [review here]

Ash by Malinda Lo; this is a retelling of Cinderella with a LGBTQ+ main character. OF COURSE I NEEDED TO READ IT. 4/5 stars

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas; a re-read. The first time I read it aswell as the second I struggled with the first 250 pages. But I fell into the story once I got through that. 4.25/5 stars [review here]

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas; a re-read. ACoMaF will always and forever be my favorite book in the entire world. ❤ 10 000 000/5 stars [review here]

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers; DNF at 56%. Dude, I don’t know what happened. I read 200 pages one day and the next day, I just stopped. Wasn’t in the mood anymore and I kind of disliked Duval.

As you can see there’s not one book on this list that I mentioned I’d like to read this month in my March Wrap-Up & Favorites post. Someday. Someday I’ll follow TBRs.

Currently Reading

When the Moon Was Ours
by Anna-Marie McLemore; I’ve decided magical realism is my favorite genre while reading this book. I looove it but unfortunately it’s going slow for me. Not because it’s bad or anything, my brain is just preparing itself for A Court of Wings and Ruin and I can’t focus on anything else. I have a feeling I’ll put this book down as soon as I get my hands om ACoWaR. I’M SO SORRY, BOOK, I REALLY AM! :/


My Diversity Bingo 2017 Progress In This Month

diversitybingoAPRIL (1).png

Again, I started this challenge at the beginning of the month, that’s why there’s not many. I can’t decide if I add the diverse reads I’ve read before starting to participate in this but I like to challenge myself so I probably won’t do it. If any of you have some recommendations, please feel free to tell me. 🙂


What I Listened To & Loved This Month

Green Light by Lorde 

Love by Daughter

Wicked by Boy Epic

Move On by Witt Lowry

Stakes by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Blue and Grey by Elena Tonra

Little Lady by Ed Sheeran ft. Mikill Pane

Nothing’s Gonna Hurty You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex 


What I Watched & Loved This Month


Split, directed by M. Night Shyamalan; duuuuude, this was so creepy but sooooo good. McAvoy is such an incredible actor, I was literally saying ”fluff, he’s gooood” throughout the whole movie.

Tv Series

The White Princess, created by Emma Frost; I love how strong Elizabeth is! A new episode comes out today, I believe, and I’m so excited!

YT/FB Videos

This is such an important video!

She’s Slovenian, I’m Slovenian, of course I like & support her. 😀 She’s also super funny and if you want to hear how Slovenian sounds like, here you go.


Me #2.


That’s all. I hope your April was awesome & lovely & you read a lot of cool books.

It appears I can’t write the end as well.

k, byeeeeeee.




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