What Has It Been Like Posting On Bookstagram Everyday For 1 Month

I’m in the mood of writing this easy post because I love reading other book blogger’s updates on their real and/or social life. (lol, the best intro ever)

So the whole idea of Bookstagram came to my sister and I’s head a month after creating this blog – September. I’ve been an amateur photographer since 2015 so of course I agreed to it (well, I actually suggested it because when you’re a new blogger you want to experience it all lol). This is where I start using ‘I’ and not ‘we’ because my sister let me take on control of everything since she didn’t have time for it. The beginner I was, I didn’t know much about Bookstagram and how it works. I guess there aren’t any specific rules to it, but I didn’t make any progress on meeting new people there so I just gave op on it, didn’t post anything for days and kind of just forgot I even had an account. I can’t remember specifically when I gave up on it because I deleted the majority of photos from back then because I was, again, poop at Bookstagraming but it’s been hella long time since I posted a new photo. 6 months, I guess.


My first ever photo I uploaded on Bookstagram. :3

But as of April I’m back at it again. Go me! It didn’t even start as a goal of posting everyday for the next month, that decision came along the way. It all started on 15th April and dude, I haven’t missed a single day. I’m so proud at myself! Though there was a lot of anxiety if people are getting sick of me posting every day yet, but I got through it and I’m so happy! Here’s to many days more! I know many people post daily for even longer than I have and they’re laughing at me right now, but still, I’m a proud child!

So here are some positive things and some negative things I got from Bookstagram. Don’t worry, my head is to blame for the negative ones, don’t get scared. But even if I’m the one who’s the problem here I still wanted to share them. So here we go. (I’m so bad at writing today, I’m sorry in advance)

(If you click on a picture, you’ll get to the original link of it if you want to check my *interesting* caption for it or just simply want to check it out lol)

The positive

  • The people and their lovely comments and their support. Dude, I get so excited every time I get a notification whenever I get a new comment on a picture because everytime they just make my day. They’re always so positive and heart-warming even if the picture that’s gotten posted that day is poop. I got a comment the other day from a lovely woman who said she loves it when my pictures that feature my puppy pop up in her feed and my heart just cried of happiness in that moment I read that.


  • All that you can do with your imagination. I’ve never used Pinterest so much as I have these last days. I find my inspiration for pictures with myself on them mostly there. But the pictures that have my devils aka animals on it are sometimes spontaneous and those are the most fun to edit (example: the pic bellow).


  • It’s simply FUN!


  • There was a week when literally everyone cried together over a book (*cough* acowar *cough*) but still managed to post the most amazing pictures ever even if they couldn’t see anything because of the tears and pain. These people are literally my biggest inspiration hahah.


  • You can literally talk about anything you want in the caption of a picture. Literally anything. Life, problems, your current thoughts on the book you’re reading, what you ate for lunch. That’s a huge thumbs up for a person who likes to be dramatic about life (as seen from this post lol)


  • Though I never actually talk to people I always love finding new accounts. I’m especially obsessed with finding those who have cute pets so that I can cry over their cuteness.


  • I’ve learned a lot from these days actually. What angles to use, what to focus the most on while photographing but also editing, I learned to work with photoshop better etc. The only thing that’s still messing with my head is working with light. I will get there!


  • Though my family aren’t the #1 supporters of what I do, they’ve still helped me in the past and I love them for it. Bookstagram is how family memories are made. 

My dad voluntarily helping with one of my photoshoots ❤

The negative

  • The anxiety. There are different kinds of anxiety
  1. Anxiety #1 which goes something like this: ”Should I post this? Should I not? Is there too much of my face? Is my double chin showing? If I post this picture with my face on it, does it seem like I’m self-satisfied? Does my hand look too weird? Is the coloring too dark? Do I change the size of the font? Should I photoshop that bug out or just leave it? What should I write as the description? Is the caption fun enough? Is this written correctly?” Combine all these questions in one simple one: ”Am I good enough?
  2. Anxiety #2: I’m very private about my bookish life. So whenever someone I know in real life follows me on Bookstagram I have this stong urge to block them so they couldn’t see my pictures. This destroys my confidence so I have to reconsider posting a picture at least 7 409 times before I actually post it – all because I worry these people will see that these pictures aren’t the same theme as pictures I have on my personal account and will laugh at me. This happened with my sister. I posted something on my story and she sent me a comment about it and I blocked her. Not because the comment wasn’t really nice, though that has a part in it too, but I love this bookish world I’ve gotten myself into and I simply don’t want to share it with and/or explain it to people I know. I want to take photos of my the Night Court sign I painted on my wall and not have to worry about people who don’t understand, not worry about people who then tell me I should go do something else. ”Why won’t you let me see it? I’m curious” Well, your curiosity is making me want to delete all my pictures I worked hard on and I really don’t want to feel like that right now. And if you start a fight with me, tell me I’m dumb and stupid that I don’t want to show you, I really don’t care. Me being comfortable is the most important thing to me, so back off.
  3. Anxiety #3: The ‘meeting new people‘ thing. Long story, short; I’m shit at it. But I am one of those people who like being left alone but hate being lonely. I see all these people who are actual best friends and some will even meet in person and I’m just here, trying to make a conversation with a bookstgrammer, re-writing one sentence at least 5 times before being 98% sure it’s good enough to send it. And yeah, it does make me jealous that people get friends so easily meanwhile I finally gather enough confidence to speak to a person but always reach that dead-end or whatever you call it, when you have a conversation and then it just all of a sudden stops because you’ve run out of thoughts from that topic but don’t want to start a new topic because it feels like you’re bothering the person. So you just give up.
  4. Anxiety #4: I’m a small account so I’m always afraid to comment on pictures of those accounts that have 1k+ followers. As though I’m not worthy of posting my boring comment on their magnificent photo. I know that’s such a dumb fear and I know that no matter if they have 100 followers or 12k, they’re nice people, but it’s hard to remember that sometimes.


  • The constant change in moods. As much fun as photoshoots can be, they can also be very stressful and frustrating. Especially if you work with animals that have minds of their own. It also doesn’t help if your computer freezes every 10 seconds when you’re trying to edit a photo and when you write a loooong description on the pic and your phone decides now would be the good time to die.


  • It distracts you from school and that could be a good thing but also a bad thing, especially if you’re in the middle of the busiest time of school year.


  • When you don’t have an animal for prop but actual props and you just don’t know where to put what. It’s so frustrating because your biggest goal in life is for you pictures to look aesthetically pleasing.





Here’s Questions Of The Day because I still don’t know how to write the end of my posts: Do you have a Bookstagram? If so, what’s your username so I can stalk you? 😀 Do you relate to anything I wrote, specifically the negative things? 🙂

Happy Monday!



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2 thoughts on “What Has It Been Like Posting On Bookstagram Everyday For 1 Month

  1. readinginthewings says:

    I am so with you! I just recently started blogging, and I LOVE looking at bookstagrams, but I never know how to set up a picture to make it look how I want it! I guess its a game of trial and error, but it can be so frustrating, and I am always nervous to ask for help!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whispers of Thoughts says:

      Ugh, yes, it’s so annyoing! I have luck and my family actually helped me with some photoshoots, but I’m all on my own when it comes to actually getting ideas about what to do and how to do them. (Does that make sense? I’m sorry. School. Tired. Sleep.)


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