SPOILER-FREE BOOK REVIEW (with gifs hehe): Evenfall by Gaja J. Kos & Boris Kos (ARC)


Series: Shadowfire #1

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Publisher: Boris Kos

Publication Date: October 30th 2018

Personal Rating: 4/5 stars

Lahko to knjigo najdem v slovenščini? Noup, lahko pa greste suportat fellow Slovence in naročite Evenfall, čeprav ni v slovenščini




A monster does not deserve the intimacy of a name

As if waking up in an unfamiliar world isn’t enough of a surprise, Ember gains a new title to her name. Savior.

Hunted by the Crescent Prince and his lethal shadows, she accepts a young Mage’s help to navigate the land of blood magic and its many illusions. But where Ada sees the good in her power, Ember discovers something else.

An icy darkness, designed to take lives, not save them.

The only thing worse than not being able to rely on her senses—or the reality she had once believed to be true—is knowing that she cannot trust her heart. Especially as it seems to draw her to the one person in whose hands she can never fall…

Will Ember escape the thrall of darkness or will she reign in it?


*I received an ARC from Gaja J. Kos & Boris Kos and I’m voluntarily leaving a review. All opinions are my own.*

Hyello, babushkas! How are we on this fine day?

Soooooo. I received my first ever physical ARC (and also, probably the last one lol). And as if that wasn’t enough, IT’S WRITTEN BY FELLOW SLOVENIANS YAYAYAYA. I’m legit so proud of them and I don’t even know them lol. So go go go, go pre-order Evenfall.

Thank you so much to Gaja and Boris for sending me a copy of this beauty.

Why I think you should pick up Evenfall when it hits the shelves (30th October!!):

  • First off: THE COVERRRRRR *heart eyes* Definitely one of my favorite covers out there. Not gonna lie, I thought I ordered a Manon Blackbead artprint when I opened the package up lol


  • I dunno about you, but first sentences in books are really important. They make you decide if this books is worthy of reading or not. And lemme tell you, Evenfall’s first sentence is pretty bomb:

The thing I noticed above all else when unconsciousness released me from its talons of darkness, was that for the first time in my life, I found myself gazing at the night sky.


  • The main character’s name is Ember and I had so much fun with all the puns such as ‘you’re on fire, Ember’ whenever she fought with someone and was all badass at it


  • Also, the other main character’s name is Mordecai and the first time I read it, I read it wrong and read Mortedecai and that just made me think of Johnny Depp and THAT made me think of young Johnny Depp (aka Cry-Baby young) and from there on I was imagining Mordecai as young Johnny and that was just an amazing sight so see in my head lol

I mean, COME ON 😍



  • There’s a dog (friendly reminder: this is a fantasy book) AND SHE’S SO CUTE AFHGJAGJ
  • The said dog also farted at one point affjjkHLffdahj AHHHH SO SO CUTE


  • I LOVE ERIYAN (aka one of the side characters) SO FREAKING MUCH

tenor (3).gif

  • I was bit concerned with the age difference between Ember and Mordecai at first (she’s 18 and he’s like centuries old) but then I remembered: first, we had Rose and Dimitri, then we had Bella and Edward and now we have Mordecai and Ember. So all’s well


  • There’s this disk thingy that I won’t tell you much about because #spoilers but it gave me some serious The Avengers: The Infinity War vibes and I’M HERE FOR IT

giphy (15).gif

  • LGBTQ REPRESENTATION YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. Not gonna lie, I shipped Ember and Ada from the very beginning, way before I knew one of them wasn’t straight (I’ll let you decide for yourself who that is). And when I came to the part where that’s revealed I JUST LOST MY SHIT and my poor lttle heart could not handle all the (cute) gayness


  • And thus I was very…suspicious when Mordecai came into the picture. I hardcore shipped Ember and Ada (Amber? Eda?) at that point and I didn’t want anyone else to come between them. As much as I loved seeing Johnny Depp in my head, I just wanted him to leave my babies alone. Buuuuuut, I kind of fell in love with him at the end. He’s lowkey Rhysand 2.0 (but like the ACOMAF version. We do not speak of ACOWAR or ACOFAS)) so if you’re obsessed with Rhys, then I would strongly recommend checking this book out purely because of Mordecai

giphy (16).gif

  • This is like a personal preference but I love cursing in books and this one had a lot of that lol


  • Ember fought in a dress. I mean, #girlfriendgoals right there, amiright?

tenor (4).gif

  • The writing style was bomb dot com


  • This is just a little random thing but I’m always complaining about authors never writing about morning breath, the smell of sweat, having period and normal human stuff like that because everything has to be perfect. BUT, Gaja and Boris did mention period AND THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY

giphy (17).gif


Why I didn’t give it 5 stars:

  • I was in a bit of a slump while reading this so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would like to. This is completely my fault, though, so I hope when I reread this one day I’ll have fun reading it way more

tenor (5).gif

  • It was very instalove-y and everyone that knows me, knows that I hate instalove and have very strong opinions on it, oops

giphy (18).gif

  • I don’t exactly get why they’d rebel against Mordecai. I mean, the people weren’t living in paradise but they also weren’t living in pain 24/7 like the Skaa in Mistborn books do, for example. Like, Mordecai lets them have a week of celebrations and for someone who is supposed to be ”cruel” that’s a pretty generous thing to do for his people. Also, Ada was drunk once and lost her control over her powers and caused a scene but all the guards did was just bring her home, nothing else. No punishment, no throwing her in a jail, nothing. I think it was Eriyan that said ”They [people of Somraque] don’t have everything, but they have enough that they wouldn’t dare risk losing it” and I think that perfectly sums up my point here

tenor (6).gif



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Don’t forget, Evenfall comes out OCTOBER 31ST 2018!