My Bookstagram Feed #3 (August – September + some photos that never got posted hehe)

I created a new account in August because I got bored with my old one. Usually, people who get bored of their photos just change their theme. Well, I’ve done that … a lot. But dunno, I felt stuck on that old account so I just decided to change things up a bit and start over. Which was honestly so fun. I know many people won’t agree with me on this because you lose all your followers you worked so hard on getting. And I do understand that but I just don’t freaking care anymore. Bookstagram is my way of relaxing and I don’t give two fluffs about how many followers I used to have and how many followers I have now.

So yeahhhh, welcome to my first theme of my second account @coyotewillguideyou (and yup, I changed my theme already, oopsieeee)

[I write this before every bookstagram themes post so it’s clear why I’m doing this, lol] I have a Bookstagram if you didn’t know. But Instagram likes to mess with the quality of my pictures. It basically RUINS THEM AND I CRY AFTERWARDS. So I thought why not post one of my themes on here so you peeps can see them in much better quality. So without further ado, here is my new theme I had from August until September, plus some photos I never posted in their full glory. Note: it’s better if you look at these photos on your phone.




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