Series: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary, YA

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Publication Date: January 1st 2018

Personal Rating: 3.75/5 stars

Lahko to knjigo najdem v slovenščini? Noup

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August Wrap-Up & Favorites

Heyooo! What’s poppin’? (yep, I’ve been watching too much Logan Paul lately. Oops. #logang)

August was a much better month for me. Reading as well as life-wise. I still didn’t read as much as I wanted too, but considering that I was in a fantasy reading slump for almost two months, I did pretty good. I think. I dunno. I also want to start writing reviews again and I already gave two drafts that I have yet to edit so I’m pretty happy about that too, considering I haven’t written a review since May. So, yay!

So let’s get starteeed.

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TOP 5 WEDNESDAY [#2]: Favorite Bromances

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha of Thoughts on Tomes. (speaking of which btw, I love her videos! 10/10 would recommend!) To find all the information about T5W, head over to the Goodreads Group.

toop 5

August 30th: Favorite Bromances

Ahhhh, bromances. Probably my favorite part of any book EVER. I admit, I’m not a fan of female friendships because there’s always drama and fights and jealousy and ughhhhh I don’t need that okay. However, I LIVE for bromances. Seriously. Bromances mean more to me than OTP’s. And dude, this post is perfect to do right now because I finally started watching Teen Wolf season 6 and all the Sciles memories hit me. Memories from 3×18 hit me hard. (So yeah, the fact that Dylan O’brien is featured in only like 2 episodes in season 6B makes me angry. Seriously tho, Stiles is a part of the original squad and I know Dylan doesn’t have time because he’s shooting another movie, but still. It’s the last season, how could he not even be in the credits at the beginning? I’m sad. But also angry. But also sad. (At least I have Scalia;))).

Anyways, let’s get starteeeeeed

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BooktubeAThon 2017; TBR

Hullo! So I’ve never participated in a readathon. I knew about them but I never thought I could do it and that it’s too stressful for me. I didn’t even care about this one until 5 minutes ago when I was binge watching Katytastic‘s videos. I knew this readathon was happening because of the billion TBR videos for it but Kat was the one who really got me interested in it. So I did some research and I realised this shouldn’t be so stressful as I thought it will be. I don’t have school, I’m bored 24/7 and I’m in a reading slump so why the heck not try this out?

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Mid Year Book Freakout Tag; 2017

Hullo! Yes, I’m alive, thanks for asking.

I know I said I want to post more regularly and how I miss my baby aka this blog. And I’m sorry I haven’t done anything with that promise yet (tho none of you care really hahah). Quick story: I’m in a life slump. That’s my excuse. But I hope I’ll get better at blogging now that summer’s upon us. I hope.

Anyways, I’ve seen this tag floating around BookTube. Tho I myself am not a BookTuber I think the question are really interesting. I wasn’t tagged by anyone (duuuh) but if you want to do this tag, just say I tagged you haha. 😀

Let’s get started.

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