March 2018 Wrap-Up & Favorites

March was one of the toughest months probably in my entire life. I lost both my cat Henrik and my horse Flicka in the expand of 3 days. As I’ve said many times before, I suck at expressing my feelings and it also just hurts talking about them. So yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

But March was also one of the most amazing months ever. What a combination. I travelled to Scotland where I met Louisa from @booksandteagirl101 IN PERSON! She lives in England and I in Slovenia and according to Google maps we live 1,623 km apart and yet, we still got to hug each other in real life. How surreal is that.

And if that wasn’t enough, I read 10 books in March. Ten! Dude, that’s never happened to me before. Sure, they were mostly contemporaries. But still. Ten. I was on fire, so to say.

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August Wrap-Up & Favorites

Heyooo! What’s poppin’? (yep, I’ve been watching too much Logan Paul lately. Oops.)

August was a much better month for me. Reading as well as life-wise. I still didn’t read as much as I wanted too, but considering that I was in a fantasy reading slump for almost two months, I did pretty good. I think. I dunno. I also want to start writing reviews again and I already gave two drafts that I have yet to edit so I’m pretty happy about that too, considering I haven’t written a review since May. So, yay!

So let’s get starteeed.

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