Disney Readathon TBR


Louisa @booksandteagirl101, Serena @theradiantreader, Fleur @feline.reader, Anna @libraryofmylife and I spontaneously decided to host a READATHON! And it’s DISNEY INSPIRED *excited dance* I had so much fun organising this readathon with my friends and we’d all be so happy if you joined us!

The rules are quite simple; it starts on July 18th at midnight (in your timezone) and ends on July 25th at midnight (again, in your timezone). You can overlap challenges if you want (for example; you can read a book that has a colorful cover and also takes place in summertime). When talking about Disney Readathon, Please use #disneyreadathon2018 if you’re on bookstagram so we can see your posts and share them in our stories and talk about your progress and such.

Each host also has a host pick for “the 7th challenge” so make sure you check others’ bookstagram posts out to see what their pick is and if it’s something you’ve been meaning to read and this is just a perfect excuse to finally read it. Of course, reading a host pick is not required, it’s just for fun. The whole readathon is Fun with a capital F. Anyways, my host pick is *drum roll* BRING ME THEIR HEARTS by Sara Wolf. So if you’re interested in that book, you can read it with me and we can have a lil book club together.

If you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to ask either me or any of the other hosts. I hope you guys will join us; the more the merrier!

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2018 Most Anticipated Releases (imlatebutwhatyagonnadoaboutit)

I’m a bit late to this party (5 months late, to be exact) but better late than never? I always forgot which books I’m really excited for are coming out this year so writing this post will hopefully help me remember lol. Some of the books on this list are a part of a series I haven’t even started yet oops but they’re still my most anticipated reads because I just know I’m gonna love the first book(/s) and I know I’ll want the next books asap. I’m sure I forgot a few books because again, I can’t remember them lol but without further ado, here are my most anticipated 2018 releases:

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BooktubeAThon 2017; TBR

Hullo! So I’ve never participated in a readathon. I knew about them but I never thought I could do it and that it’s too stressful for me. I didn’t even care about this one until 5 minutes ago when I was binge watching Katytastic‘s videos. I knew this readathon was happening because of the billion TBR videos for it but Kat was the one who really got me interested in it. So I did some research and I realised this shouldn’t be so stressful as I thought it will be. I don’t have school, I’m bored 24/7 and I’m in a reading slump so why the heck not try this out?

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Books & Cats ep. 1 : Ambitious or Mad?

Happy December everyone! Hope you’re having a super-duper awesome day. 😀

I’m bored and have no social life so I’m making this post. My demonic cats plus my demonic December TBR. Yep, there is total of 14 cats and 7 books. Seven freaking books that aren’t to-read-in-just-24-hours contemporaries. Again, ambitious or just simply mad? It’s not that I can’t do it, I’ve read more books in just one month before, it’s just every book on this TBR is fantasy which  lately I’m having difficulties getting into. Not to mention December is a month of crying because of school. Crying takes up a lot of time.

Oh, and yeah, that’s a lot of cats, too.

Posting this is meant to give me a kick for finishing this TBR – if I don’t finish all the books from here I’ll basically just embarrass myself and since I get enough of that, I have no intention of failing. It is also meant for you to see my terrible photography skills and my photogenic cats.

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